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Thirty-Five Years of Trouble, Rambling Minors

Take eight little kids to some bluegrass festivals when they’re young and impressionable and what do you wind up with?  Not one, but TWO dynamite young bluegrass bands, and The Back Room is proud to bring both of them together for a special family-friendly, Sunday afternoon concert.  

RAMBLING MINORS and THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OF TROUBLE have been wowing audiences in Northern California and as far away as Raleigh, North Carolina, with their audacious picking and fiddling, true-to-their-roots bluegrass vocals and harmonies and engaging stage presence, and if you have kids who are even thinking about picking up an instrument, you’ll want them to see these two bands and get inspired.
Thirty-Five Years of Trouble is the “older” band, ranging in age from barely 13 to just-old-enough-to-drive.  Berkeley resident Tessa Schwartz and San Franciscan Helen Lude do the fiddling and mandolin picking, along with most of the lead vocal duties. John Gooding, of Vacaville, has been known to set a microphone or two on fire with his hot guitar licks, and his older brother Jacob - the lone driver of the bunch - keeps the band steady with his doghouse bass.  The band formed on a hillside at a bluegrass festival about five years ago – when the sum of their four ages totaled a whopping 35 – and they haven’t looked back since, performing at numerous venues in the Bay Area, putting out a full-length CD, and playing at the venerated Father’s Day Festival in Grass Valley.

Joining them for this special concert will be Rambling Minors, the oldest of whose members is just 13. These kids get it: they work extremely hard at their craft, they bring their passion to every performance, and they play their instruments as if they were born with them (we think they might have been!). Daisy Kerr, of Placerville, picks her big ol’ D-28 guitar pure and clean in the style of Clarence White and has a powerful, classic bluegrass voice. Miles Quale and his brother Teo, from Alameda, absolutely sizzle on fiddle and mandolin; they have been winning fiddle (and mandolin) contests up and down the West Coast for the last couple of years. Rounding out this band on the bass is multi-instrumentalist Andrew Osborn, from Marin County - you never know when he might break out his trombone at a bluegrass jam!  You don’t want to miss these guys while they’re young because you’re going to be hearing about them when they’re older!
Please join us for this very special concert, support this bluegrass youth movement and bring your kids – we promise they will be enchanted.  Ticket prices are just $15 and only $8 for students or anyone 18 or under. Please note that show time for this event is 2pm, doors open one hour before show. If you have any questions or need more information, please call us at #510-654-3808.

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