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Wildcat Canyon

WildCat Canyon is a collective of musical artists who have been creating and inspiring each other for a long time, some for 20 years. Their songs and musical styles are diverse - covering Americana, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, and Soul, but their themes of seeking come from similar roots of concern for our world, love and family, political activism, self discovery, and hope. 

While the truth of some songs can feel like the icy shiver of truth, others feel like the warm embrace of the sun on your face on a winter’s day. Experiencing any of these artists individually is a cause for deep and joyful listening, but together, as they support each other musically and artistically, one feels as if in a welcoming embrace of truth and acceptance, and a fine musical groove.  

Wildcat Canyon is Shelley Doty, Green and Root, Andrea Pritchett, Maggie Forti, Emily Shore, and Deb Lane... and, for this performance they welcome a very special guest, Vicki Randle.

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Tickets are $15 and are available at the door or you may RSVP via email to with the word "Tickets" in the subject line.  Please indicate how many tickets you would like, and if you have any questions, please call 510-654-3808. Doors open at 7pm.