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MJ Lee.


MJ Lee. is a heartfelt and inspired pop/rock musician who crafts songs that are sincere, melodic, and alive. The Bay Area-based singer-songwriter combines honest, poetic lyrics with pop sensibilities and an expansive, imaginative sonic palette. Her sound draws from a wide range of influences, from the melancholic rock of Jimmy Eat World to the lush soundscapes of Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi.

With her debut release, The Lights Ahead, Lee. showcases her ability to create memorable anthems and weave them into compelling narratives. The six-song concept album tells the story of her artistic coming-of-age: the transformation of her dream of becoming a musician into a lived reality. Supporting this narrative is a full piano-driven pop/rock band with Lee. at the helm, combining ethereal layers of strings and electronic instruments. Her emotive voice conveys a deep sense of yearning as she delivers a powerful message of courage and authenticity.

A self-taught songwriter who has played the violin since childhood, Lee. strives to write music that is emotionally resonant and probes the depths and heights of human experience. The period at the end of Lee. abbreviates her actual last name and signifies the parts of ourselves that don’t show on the surface but that we carry with us nonetheless. 

Lee. will be giving a special performance at The Back Room to celebrate her birthday and the release of The Lights Ahead

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