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Women sing for Women In Iraq

Briony Greenhill

Briony Greenhill

British and American singers join poet Kate Joyner on her fundraising tour to help free ISIS sex slaves.  

What a thing this ISIS sex slavery is. Captured women are traded and frequently raped. Some are committing suicide. Some are children. Some people are rescuing them. Briony Greenhill and the Sealion Women are joining Kate Joyner to sing, speak and raise money to help.

Tickets at the door, $10 - $20+ sliding scale. All proceeds will be donated to OWFI (the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq).

Kate Joyner's Blood Tales: "13 short, hard hitting, emotionally direct poems are told to you by a hairy arm pitted woman with nothing to hide. The depth, warmth and engrossing sensuality of her lines makes you feel both a sense of worthlessness, that you haven't emotionally lived and also a sense of beauty, you're in awe of the majesty of the language in her poetry and the emotional intensity we can enjoy.” - Richard Donnelly - BBC

Briony Greenhill and the Sealion Women: "This is moody, lo-fi heaven of the highest order." – BBC 

Kate Joyner

Kate Joyner

Silver Moon Poetry: The Blood Tales: A Spoken Word Performance: "Re-mystifying the most mis-understood phenomena of a woman's body by telling the true tales about our Blood."

This one woman show takes us to the depths of the Mystery carried inside. She speaks to us of the power and wisdom of the Blood in re-membering the secret ways of the Feminine.

She speaks of the deep longing of the feminine soul, of the Blood as a portal to intimacy with Self and Other and of the power of the blood to transform relationships and the world. It's a consciousness shifting, paradigm altering, new world view making offering. Political, provocative and sensual, the show will leave you changed. Bringing to consciousness what has been cast to the dark shadows by giving voice to the unspoken voices of the Feminine.

All proceeds from the show are going to OWFI (Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq), a charity doing the hard work of supporting women on the ground in Iraq who are fleeing the sex trade of ISIL. They provide food, shelter and trauma support and in turn facilitate these women in becoming political activists and a voice for others.

Suggested donation: $10-$20, though no one will be turned away for lack of funds - and if you want to give more, feel free...

Tickets are available at the link below or at the door. Doors open one hour before showtime. If you need more information or have any questions, please call us at #510-654-3808.

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