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KaDaoYin 卡到音

KaDaoYin 卡到音 is a world music improvisation ensemble based in Taipei and London. With their singular combination of Woodwinds (C-Tenor, C-Soprano Saxophone, Flute), Sheng (Chinese Mouth Organ), Guzheng (Chinese Zither) and Piano, KaDaoYin stands at the crossroads of Contemporary Classical music, Chinese Folk Music, Free Improvisation and Jazz.

The name 卡到音 (spoken Kǎ Dào Īn) is a wordplay in Mandarin meaning ‘being caught up in something' - music, in this case. The unmistakable, 100 percent acoustic group sound, the loosely structured but deeply felt improvisations, and the intuitive musical understanding between the four musicians will captivate every audience.

Founded in 2009 by pianist Shih-Yang Lee and saxophonist Klaus Bru, KaDaoYin has collaborated with film makers, choreographers, writers, sound artists and musicians from Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and Taiwan. The group has played dozens of concerts in Taiwan, most notably at the prestigious National Concert Hall in Taipei and several times at the Taichung Jazz Festival. Internationally, KaDaoYin appeared at Semaines des Cultures etrangères (2013), Jazzycolors Festival and Musee Guimet (2016) in Paris, and headlined the Sound of Dragon Festival in Vancouver in 2016.

KaDaoYin has so far released 2 CDs. Both of them are concept albums: the improvised pieces on Four Characters (2012) take their moods and titles from Cheng Yu, popular Mandarin idioms consisting of four Chinese characters, which depict the essence of a life situation in a poetic or humorous way.

Slow (2013) was inspired by the character 慢 (spoken màn), which is often seen on Taiwanese roads signaling drivers to slow down. The mix of half-composed, half-improvised pieces on Slow has a distinctly meditative air, suggesting a slower pace for our busy lives. Both CDs have won prestigious awards in Taiwan: Four Characters received the Golden Indie Music Award 2012 for Best Jazz Album and Best Jazz Track. Slow received the Golden Melody Award 2014 for Traditional Arts and Music ("Taiwan Grammy") for Best Crossover Album.

Currently, KaDaoYin are working on their third album, which is inspired by traditional and aboriginal Taiwanese music, as well as the Chinese Folk music styles of Nanguan and Beiguan.


Li-Chin Li - Sheng (Chinese Mouth Organ)
Li-Chin Li is a young sheng player and composer from Taichung, who graduated from Tainan National University of the Arts. Li's rendition of the Super Mario Theme for her instrument has gone viral on YouTube with over 4 million hits and worldwide media coverage. She is active both as a soloist and a chamber musician, and after being a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, lives now in Taipei. In 2014, Li staged her own recital in Taipei's honorable National Recital Hall with the addition of DJs and multimedia.

Chun-Te Liu - Guzheng (Chinese Zither)
Guzheng player Chun-Te Liu is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese music. He graduated from the Chinese Music Department at Tainan National University of arts, majoring in guzheng. Later he studied composition at Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu. He now works as a dancer for Taiwanese dance companies, while often contributing the music scores and his outstanding guzheng skills to their productions.

Klaus Bru - C-Saxophones, Flute
Klaus Bru, previously based in Taipei, now in London, has worked with an abundance of artists in dissimilar musical contexts, covering the spectrum from Experimental Noise and Electronica to Mainstream Jazz and Pop Music. Bru is possibly the only saxophonist who specializes in the rare C-saxophones, which he likes to electrify. He has performed and recorded with Marc Ribot, Sunny Murray, Franz Hautzinger, Peter Herbert, Michael Moser, Bilal Karaman, Li Jianhong, Sabu Toyozumi, Eddie Prevost, Orphy Robinson, and many others.

Shih-Yang Lee - Piano
Shih-Yang Lee from Taipei has performed and recorded in Asia and Europe, among others with illustrious names like Sainkho Namtchylak, Jaap Blonk, Hans Koch, Luc Houtkamp, Umezu Kazutoki, Audrey Chen, and many more. In addition, he has made himself a name as a composer and live musician for some of the best drama and dance companies from Taiwan. His live album Galactic Alignment with Fred van Hove won an Honorary Mention for New Releases 2014 in New York City Jazz Record. He also won the “Best Musician” at the 6th Indie Music Awards of Taiwan. He is the founder and music director of the Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival. 

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