Attention Musicians, Singers, Performers!

Does your music fall on the quieter side of the decibel spectrum? Is your average draw less than 100 people? Are you looking for a small, beautiful space with great acoustics and comfortable seating that will showcase your music with respect and appreciation? Then The Back Room, which recently opened in Berkeley, CA, is the place for you.

Now, we like loud, sweaty rock as much as anyone. But we are a small place (maybe 100 people max), designed for a smaller sound. We offer a wonderful ambience with brick walls, a high vaulted wooden ceiling, and a Steinway Grand onstage.

Business-wise, we intend to make this a no-risk proposition for both you and us. We will split the door 50/50 until we reach our (not very high) number. Then the split goes to 90/10. If it's a really big night, then we will take a little taste of that excessive wealth with a final tier of 75/25. And you get to decide the ticket prices. We will of course advertise you on our website, on social media, and via the local free listings. Beyond that, it will be up to you to reach out to your fan base and/or coordinate with the local media.

And in case of a disappointing turnout, no one needs to be mad. The Back Room has exactly zero paid staff. In fact, the royal “we” that we have been using is actually just me.

My name is Sam Rudin, and I am a musician myself. As both a player and a patron, I’ve always wanted to see more places like this, so I decided to create one.

Contact Sam Rudin about bookings or other inquiries:
(510) 381-1997